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There are three main schedules per year in the Original Omsi2 Game: Monday - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Additional schedules for DLCs pending.

Original Game

Before September of 1990, Line 522 went to Falkensee. After September of 1990, Line E522 was discontinued. Line 92 was extended to reach Falkensee. Maps page contains maps after September of 1990.

Starting on February 6, 1991, the 3-Digit Line Numbering was changed. Line 92 became Line 137. Line 5 became Line 130. Line 13N became Line N33. Line 5N became Line N30. Routes were relatively similar as before the change.
Starting on May 29, 1994, several stops were renamed. Staaken, Bergstr was renamed to Saaken, Hahneberg. Am Kiesteich was renamed to Wasserwerkstr. Westerwaldstr was renamed to Siegener Str
Chicago DLC
There are issues with running the Chicago DLC. The DLC is capped at 2GB, but it needs a minimum of 4MB to run somewhat smoothly. Based on the official OMSI2 Forums, someone was able to create a patch to increase the cap to 4GB. This helps with smoother gameplay. We have tried it ourselves and the gameplay was a lot smoother. You can find the patch on:

We wanted to created a schedule similar to the one that was created by the Chicago Regional Transit but they don't list out the stops as the BVG does for the original game. We created a schedule that reflects what the Chicago Regional Transit schedules look like. We also create schedules that list out the actual bus stops like BVG does. You may chose what you prefer.
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