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New Flyer

New Flyer D40LF.jpg

The traffic authority of Chicago ordered 1,030 40-feet buses at the beginning of 2004. This large number of vehicles was delivered with 5 models between February 2006 and May 2007.

All 6 Chicago bus garages, including Kedzie, have vehicles of this model in stock. Numbers 1000-2029 were assigned for the order.

Different models of this order are equipped with different Diesel engines and gearboxes. You can use the 2nd and 3rd model buses here in OMSI2. They feature 6-speed automatic transmission, electric "Easy Touch" rear doors, A/C, security cameras, kneeling, bike rack, wheelchair ramp and a GPS-supported control system with automatic announcements. There is a card reader and external scan device connected to the fare box.


New vehicles (starting with the bus number 1630) have newer LED interior lights.

New Flyer DE60LF.jpg

Following over a thousand solo buses, 150 articulated buses were ordered in 2008 with the familiar outside shaping (facelift design would have been available). This resulted from a loss of funds since all buses were leased for $13.4 million per year.

5 garages, including Kedzie, received the new articulated hybrid-drive buses numbered 4000-4149. The hybrid drive train was tested in 20 solo buses in the previous years.

Axle and interior design is slightly different from the solo buses, but the biggest difference is the two-mode parallel hybrid drive with variable transmission.

Aside from that, the technical systems are similar to the solo buses.

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