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About OMSI 2

Game Development
OMSI 2 was created in 2013 by developer MR-Software GbR as a follow up game to OMSI, which was released in 2011. There were various changes from the original: new buses and lines, visible chronological changes between time periods, and the editor function that lets the player add vehicles, terrain or objects to enlarge the map.

The game was published by Aerosoft GmbH, and is currently being marketed by GamesAry Publishing & Media through Facebook.

As of December 2022, 88 downloadable contents (DLCs) have been created to expand the map beyond the Spandau burough. You can go to Chicago, Vienna or Hamburg and experience a detailed bus driving simulation for those cities as well. Or, you can get the DLCs that add buses and bus lines so you don't drive the sames lines and buses all the time.

Map of Berlin withthe Spandau borough redened.
Gameplay Summary

The game is set in 80s and 90s Berlin, and focuses on creating a realistic bus driving simulation. You are not just driving a bus, you are driving THE buses used during those time periods. From the dashboard, tot he timetables, to the mechanical issues OMSI 2 meticulously recreates the legendary MAN SD200, MAN SD202, and MAN NG272 amongst a few others.

Although the game does an excellent job simulating a bus driving experience, it is by no means perfect. Glitches, game failures, lag and undeveloped graphics tear attention away from enjoying your time driving a bus. Additionally, the game developers are from Germany and the game was originally created in German so you won't find much luck with torubleshooting help unless you speak or read German.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a bus simulator you won't find a better game than OMSI 2, just make sure to have a German to English dictionary handy.

Berlin bus with OMSI banner

About the Author

A passionate fan of the public transportation, the author's journey began in many ways like that of the creators of OMSI 2. It all began with bus rides that lead to a sense of relaxation and nostalgia that could not be felt anywhere else. It could not be felt, but it could be simulated through video games. The author's intent in creating this website is to make OMSI 2 more accessible and understandable to the English and Spanish gamers.


OMSI 2 is not the type of game to hold your hand and that's part of its charm.

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