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Site Maintenance/Updates

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

As we were working on the new maps and schedules, we realized that the previously uploaded ones needed some work. Here are some quick fixes:

  1. Maps no longer become blurry when enlarged.

  2. Maps are all now in the Map section. Maps that were in the Schedules section have been moved over to the Maps section.

  3. Various routes maps have been renamed. Rather than displaying a route and time, they are labeled according to the route start and end destinations.

  4. Schedules now display the proper year when downloaded.

  5. 1990 maps have been removed. Under construction.

We noticed that there was a change in service during the year 1990. Before September, the line E522 existed. After September, the line was discontinued and the Line 92 was expanded to Falkensee. We are working on getting the information regarding the routes between both time periods so we can provide adequate information.

There was a similar change in 1991 but it occurred rather early in the year. Before February of 1991, the bus lines were numbered: 92, 5, 13N and 5N. After February of 1991, the bus lines are numbered: 137 (92), 130 (5), N33 (13N) and N30 (5N). This is just a change in numbering so there's no need to create separate schedules and routes.

We are not sure how long it will take to carry out the research regarding the 1990 changes. Our best guess is that the routes before September are going to be similar as those in 1989, and the changes after September are going to be similar as those in 1991. With that starting point, it will hopefully not take too long. If this is not the case, we'll work hard to get the information needed.

Once these updates are made, we'll finish working on the maps and schedules for the Chicago DLC.

UPDATE: We didn't realize how much ground work we had done previously. We had already notice the problem with the 1991 and were already working on the schedules. Site has been updated to reflect the double schedules for the year. We are working on the Chicago DLC maps and schedules and will update the site accordingly once we're done.

The Chicago DLC map, as you may have or may find out is not optimized so it'll take some time but we are working on it. Once that's done, we're going to proceed with the new DLC manual. This time, we will include the maps and schedules accordingly.

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